Premium Hatchbacks Posted Almost 50% Growth In September 2020

maruti baleno vs altroz vs elite i20-1

The premium hatchback segment recorded a YoY growth of 49.64 per cent, with Maruti Baleno, Hyundai i20, and Tata Altroz in the top three positions, respectively

The demand for hatchbacks seems to be growing steadily in the Indian market. Even the sales figures of premium hatchbacks in September 2020 have grown by almost 50% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis, i.e., compared to last year’s September, although not all premium hatchbacks on sale have recorded an increase in sales.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno led the segment in terms of sales figures, retailing over 19,433 units. During the same period last month, i.e., September 2019, the company had registered a sales figure of 11,420 units, thus effectively translating into a YoY growth of 70.17 per cent, which is quite a significant increase.

The second position was held by Hyundai Elite i20, with a total dispatch of 9,852 units. However, the i20 actually recorded YoY degrowth of 2.84 per cent (10,140 units sold in September 2019). The current-generation i20 is about to be replaced by the next-generation model during this festive season, and the company is offering some hefty discounts on it, in order to clear the remaining stock as much as possible.

maruti baleno vs altroz vs elite i20-2

Tata Altroz managed to secure the third position, posting a sales figure of 5,952 units in total. As it was only launched this year, there is no YoY growth to report here. The Altroz is currently the only car in this segment to offer a diesel engine, and it is also the safest hatchback in the Indian market, with a 5-star Global NCAP safety rating. Both these factors have helped the vehicle gain respectable popularity in our market.

Toyota Glanza managed to retail a total of 2,272 units last month, registering YoY degrowth of 18.07 per cent (2,773 units sold in September 2019). Toyota’s rebadged Baleno has been enjoying decent popularity in the Indian market, but still only sells a fraction of what its donor car does.

Model September 2020 September 2019 YoY growth (%)
Maruti Baleno 19,433 11,420 70.17%
Hyundai Elite i20 9,852 10,140 -2.84%
Tata Altroz 5,952
Toyota Glanza 2,272 2,773 -18.07%
Volkswagen Polo 1,585 1,643 -7.25%
Honda Jazz 748 649 15.25%
Total 39,842 26,625 49.64%

Premium Hatchback Petrol Vs Diesel Sales - Baleno, i20, Polo, Jazz

Volkswagen India managed to sell 1,585 units of the Polo in September 2020, as opposed to 1,643 units during the same month last year. This translates into a small YoY sales decline of 7.25 per cent. The Honda Jazz stood last in the premium hatchback segment, with a sales figure of just 748 units. Still, the little Honda recorded a YoY growth of 15.25, as the manufacturer had only sold 649 units during September 2019.