Pravaig Extinction EV With 500 Km Range & 5 Star Safety Rating Unveiled

Pravaig Extinction EV

Made-in-India Pravaig Extinction EV has been officially revealed, and is slated to launch sometime during the next year

While the global automobile industry is sprinting towards electrification, the Indian counterpart seems to be jogging slowly in that direction. Carmakers have been slow to introduce hybrids and EVs into our market. However, things seem to be changing slowly, and the electric market space will soon see a new addition, the Pravaig Extinction.

The Pravaig Extinction EV was officially unveiled yesterday, and it sure looks promising. Its launch, however, is a little far, sometime during the next year. The company will begin its operations in New Delhi and Bengaluru, and will target fleet operators and hotels. Private buyers wouldn’t be able to purchase one, at least not initially, and Pravaig won’t have a dealership network.

The Extinction EV will be exclusively available as a lease product, and the company will also provide chauffeur services if required. Car leasing seems to be gaining popularity in the Indian market slowly, and Pravaig Dynamics has decided to bet all its chips on it. The prices are still under wraps though, and will only be revealed at the launch.

Pravaig Extiction EV 1

The Pravaig Extinction EV is an extremely stylish vehicle. At the front, it offers LED projector headlamps, joined together by an LED bar. The taillight consists of beautifully arranged LED strips, with the top strip stretching from one side to the other. The two-door body gets a sloping coupe roofline, which looks elegant. The production model might get a few changes though, and perhaps a four-door design as well.

The dimensions of the vehicle are reported at 4,820mm for the length, 1,934mm for the width and 1,448mm for the height, with a wheelbase of 3,038mm. As for the interior, the vehicle is a four-seater, with loads of space and practicality. The rear seats seem to be separated from the front subtly, but the cabin hasn’t been completely revealed yet.

Pravaig Extinction EV

Powering the Pravaig Extinction will be a 96 kWh battery, which will be paired to a 200 HP electric motor. The driving range is claimed to be the 504 km, and the top speed is rated at 196 kmph. The battery will charge from 0-80 per cent in just 30 minutes via fast charging. Interestingly, the manufacturer claims 5-star safety rating for the vehicle, but it isn’t known if this the EV has been crash-tested, or if the final product will only go on sale after this rating is achieved.