Porsche Motorcycle Concept Looks like a Futuristic Faired Ducati Diavel


Porsche motorcycle concept has been inspired by 911 Turbo; designed by Spanish Spanish designer Angel Bahri

Have heard of a Porsche motorcycle? Well, the German automaker is not building any motorcycle, but A Spanish designer has imagined what could be a motorcycle concept if Porsche takes the project in hand. The designer Angel Bahri has designed a concept motorcycle which looks like a futuristic model with resemblances to the Ducati Diavel.

As the Spanish designer claims that it has been inspired Porsche’s best-known car, the 911 Turbo. He also christened it as Porsche 618 motorcycle concept. It appears as a power cruiser and energy source for the bike would be a massive 160 hp generating engine. Not only that, it will not be using any conventional fuel powered engine, but an electric motor. That sounds sense if you are expecting it to make to production.


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Speaking about the design of the Porsche motorcycle concept as designed by Angel Bahri, it comes with a very unusual front fascia and side profile as well. The front gets four horizontal LED bars along with a circular LED ring instead of a conventional headlamp. The massive body panels have been designed in such manner that it gives a bulging look to the motorcycle concept.

It gets a hub-centre handlebar and there is a hidden luggage compartment as well, with doors inspired by Le Mans race cars. The body panels can be opened for access the luggage compartment. The tail section holds the seat and offers the rider a super leaning forward riding position. The entire motorcycle concept is painted in metallic silver scheme along with contrasting red elements.


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It runs on chunky and meaty wheels with red rims and the front wheel sports twin petal disc brakes along with a single petal disc brake at rear. According to the designer, inspiration for this concept comes from Porsche 911 turbo, 917, 918 and 919. Interestingly, he is already planning to design a “S” and “RS” version of the concept motorcycle.

Porsche 618 Motorcycle Concept Gallery

Source: Visordown