Performance-Based Hyundai Tucson N Variant Likely In The Works


Hyundai Tucson N is reported to get decreased ride height, improved handling, stickier tyres and a powertrain with more performance

Hyundai debuted its N performance variant of the new generation i30 hatchback just a while ago. According to a recent report emerged on the internet, Hyundai seems to be pushing more out of the performance unit as more standard models are expected to receive spruced up variants.

Hyundai N boss Albert Biermann confirmed in an interview with Drive that there are a handful high performance models waiting in the wings. He went as far as saying that the work has been started on a C-segment N version which will be followed by similar treatment to a fastback model. Looking down the scale, Hyundai is also preparing other concepts for the SUV as well as B-segment cars.

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However, Biermann denied commenting on the specific fastback model he was referring to but we can expect the Veloster to be the exact model as it will become part of the Genesis family. Alongside affirming that the i30 N will be followed a high-performance coupe, Biermann said that there could be an N version in the horizon for the Tucson SUV as well.

It is one of the popular models for Hyundai worldwide and we could indeed see it coming in the near future. The ex BMW M boss further explained that the Hyundai Tucson N will likely have decreased ride height, improved handling, stickier tyres and a powertrain with more performance.

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Despite the enthusiasm this report has created, it seems like the Genesis brand won’t receive N treatment at least now despite the new G70 getting strapped with a 3.3-litre twin-turbocharged engine. Since the Tucson is offered in India as well, we might someday expect the N variant on our local showrooms – optimistically speaking!
Source: Drive