Payment Failure Prevented London Terrorists from Hiring Bigger Truck


Terrorists wanted to hire a bigger 7.5-tonne truck to mow down the pedestrians; payment failure led them hiring a Renault van

Terrorists who rampaged in London last week were planning to bigger destruction with a bigger 7.5 tonne truck. But due to payment failure they couldn’t hire that. The plan was to hire the big truck and mow down the pedestrians, just like the Christmas attack last December in Berlin, when a truck killed 12 people and injured 48 others.

Also hiring a big truck and killing people is nothing new for the terrorists in Europe. In a series of terror attacks trucks have been used as a weapon of mass killing in the continent over the last couple of months. In July 2016, an extremist rammed a 19 tonne truck through the crowd in French Riviera city of Nice during Bastille Day. 86 people were killed and more than 400 were injured in that rampage, making it one of the biggest terror attacks in the continent in recent past.

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Last week three terrorists carried out fatal attacks with a white Renault van. The rental van was found with 13 wine bottles with rags wrapped around them. These were filled with flammable liquid and the stash of Molotov cocktails were supposed to be hurled on the people in the area. However, the terrorists attacked the pedestrians with knives killing 8 and severely injuring 48 people.

London Metropolitan Police says that the terrorists had bigger plan to kill more people and create more damage. But, due to the payment problem they were forced to improvise. There is no doubt if they were successful in hiring the truck the result could have been worse.

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Last week’s terrorist attack in London is the third terror strike of 2017 in UK. In March, five people were killed in Westminster in an attack involving vehicle and knife. During late May, 22 people were killed at a music concert in Manchester Arena by a suicide bomber.

Source: AP