Owner Wants Tata Nexon EV To Be Taken Back After “Nightmarish” Experience

Tata Nexon EV Owner Has Problems

According to Fernandes, the electric SUV was driven on two road trips from Bombay to Pune and had “nightmarish experience”

Carmelita Fernandes, owner of a Tata Nexon EV, took to Twitter to share what she claims to be “nighmarish experience”. Tata Motors is currently the best-selling passenger electric vehicle marker in the country with a market share of over 80 per cent. The Nexon EV is the top-selling zero-emission product while the Tigor EV and Tiago EV have also been well received by customers.

Amidst the increase in popularity of electric vehicles, we have come across multiple issues often popping up online in general. According to Fernandes, the electric SUV was driven on two road trips from Bombay to Pune and she experienced a couple of big issues. The Lithium-ion battery pack had to be completely replaced by the dealer in the first time.

In the second occasion, she claimed that the charging stations of Tata at Food Mall and Turbhe “did not work” and neither did the ZConnect support. She tried her luck with the Tata tollfree number 18008332233 and it was of no use either. With frustrations cropping up, she wrote on Twitter that she wants Tata to take her car back.

In a recent tweet she wrote, “It’s still in the BOM service center for a new problem – software update! Been there for a week almost, not returned to me on the date promised by Kandivali Service Centre.”

Range anxiety is one of the key reasons why many electric vehicles that are currently on sale are not an option for everybody. The increase in petrol and diesel prices along with the lack of charging infrastructure only exacerbates the issues. Many who are buying electric vehicles right now use them as a second car or for everyday commute within the city.

For long distance travel, only a handful of cars offer suitable battery range but due to the presence of larger battery packs, their prices are only high – meaning that they are not accessible for the majority of people. With only a few diesel engines available in the budget end of the specutrum, new car buyers have no choice but to go with CNG cars.

EVs have plenty of benefits over IC-engined cars but the technology and the practical use cases will only evolve gradually in a market like India and we do hope the best for the future.