One Million Units of Hyundai i20 Sold Globally

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One Million units of Hyundai i20 sold globally; the range includes Elite i20 and i20 Active

Hyundai i20 series has globally crossed the 1 million sales mark. The i20 series include Elite i20 and i20 Active. The i20 has become one of the most popular models thanks to its stylish looks, premium appeal. In India Hyundai launched the first generation i20 in 2008. Later in 2014 the South Koran automobile giant launched the new generation i20 christened as the elite i20.

The Hyundai Elite i20 is one of the most popular car in India. The premium hatchback has been among the automaker’s top two models in India since launch. Prior to the launch of Maruti Suzuki Baleno in 2015, it has been the best selling premium hatch in India.

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The Hyundai i20 sold a total of 367,146 units in Indian domestic market. While it exported 389,889 units to the overseas markets, marking a total sales figure of 757,035 units. The Elite i20 also sold 205,441 units in domestic market and 16,603 units in overseas markets.

The Elite i20 based crossover i20 Active sold 30,877 units in domestic market and 7,154 units in overseas markets. Altogether the South Korean automaker has sold a total of 1,017,110 units including all three models under the i20 badge.

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The i20, Elite i20 and he i20 Active has played crucial role behind Hyundai’s becoming the second largest automaker in India. The i20 badge has received a total of 34 awards since the launch. Mr. Y. K. Koo, MD and CEO of HMIL has said, the sporty design, class lading performance and functionality has been the key factors behind the success of i20 nameplate. He also indicated that Hyundai will keep evolving its products including the i20 Series as per demands.


Since Maruti Suzuki launched the Baleno premium hatchback, Hyundai Elite i20 is facing steep competition. Recently, Hyundai introduced a 7 speed automatic gearbox to the Elite i20 in an attempt to retain the top spot.

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