Ola Unveils 4 Electric Bikes – Diamondhead, Adv, Cruiser, Roadster

ola electric bike concept-20
Ola Cruiser

The Ola Diamondhead, Adventure, Cruiser and Roadster electric motorcycles will be launched by the end of next year and their pre-bookings have commenced

At the Community Day event, Ola Electric has launched a new series of S1 scooters, accompanied by futuristic concepts named Diamondhead, Adventure, Roadster, and Cruiser. Each concept adheres to different sets of audiences as the Bengaluru-based EV startup plans to further expand its portfolio to meet demands across all form factors and price points.

The brand has noted that its big investments in research and development as well as cell manufacturing will play a crucial role in bringing up these zero-emission offerings in the future. The pre-bookings for all of them have begun and they will be launched by the end of next year in the domestic market.

The Diamondhead will act as the flagship motorcycle comprising bold character lines amidst having a simplistic look. It is claimed to offer a pure riding experience. Unusually, the headlamp unit is positioned above the front bumper in a more hidden fashion as it lends an aero-focussed profile and overall stealthiness.

ola electric bike concept-7
Ola Diamondhead

Sticking with the latest trend in the market, the Ola Adventure is said to target thrill and adrenaline seekers. It boasts a tall and athletic stance with an upright profile. The Ola Roadster, on the other hand, features flowing styling elements around the charger cowl giving a peculiar stance and just like its siblings, it does have a futuristic presence.

The Ola Cruiser has a laidback stance with sensual body lines and is said to be ‘built to enjoy the open road and the freedom it brings’. It has a mature stance yet having an aggressive bodywork as the floating upper body connects with the rear in a seamless fashion. The brand has not revealed the technical specifications of these electric motorcycles yet.

Ola Adventure

However, the production-spec versions could be slightly toned down for road use. Commenting on them, Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Ola Electric said: “I am also thrilled to announce the global debut of Ola’s electric motorcycles that will be launched towards the end of 2024. Designed and engineered in-house, these motorcycles represent Ola’s leap into the future of motorcycling,”