Ola Planning An Affordable E-Scooter & An Electric Car – Details

Ola Electric scooter and charging network

Ola Electric is planning to expand into international markets, and it will launch a range of EVs in the UK in the next three years

Last year, Ola Electric made headlines with the launch of its electric scooter pair – S1 and S1 Pro – and now, it is planning to expand overseas. The manufacturer is aiming to enter the UK electric vehicle market by 2025. A recent Autocar UK report sheds light on the matter.

As per the report, Ola is planning to have a new affordable electric scooter and an electric car in its lineup within three years, alongside the existing S1 premium e-scooter. These three models will be available in the UK as well as in some other markets. The manufacturer also has some interesting long term plans, which include more electric four-wheelers.

Ola Electric is planning to invest £100 million (around INR 981 crore) over the course of the next five years in its Warwickshire facility in England, which will employ over 200 automobile designers and engineers. It should also be noted that the EV manufacturer had also established a technical centre in Coventry, England, which became operational in January this year.

Ola Electric Car Concept 1

Ola likely isn’t planning to target the budget end of the British EV market. Varun Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer at Ola Electric, said: “We’ve found that as long as you provide the right value to customers, they’re willing to provide the right price, which may not be the lowest price.

Outside of North America, the rest of the world moves on two wheels. But the world of electric mobility isn’t going to be monolithic. You might own a two-wheeler or a car, or both, or use a ride-hail [service] sometimes.” he continued. Back in 2021, Ola Electric had announced its interest in going international in 2022, with focus on Europe.

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It should be noted that Ola Electric has been receiving major backlash online from its customers in India. Many people have been taking to social media with complaints about their Ola scooters malfunctioning, sharing videos and photographs of the same. Common problems reported by owners include battery issues and scooters driving in reverse randomly. Many are also concerned now by the lack of a traditional service centre network.