Indian Car Sales Analysis of October 2015, Kwid’s Success Helps Renault Up by 92%


Indian Car Sales Analysis of October 2015 shows Renault, Honda, Ford, Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki posts strong growth in YOY sales.

As we approach the end of this calendar year, it’s important to look back at how the auto manufactures have fared in terms of sales figures. The below table will give a clear indication of who’s heading in the right direction and who’s got it horrendously wrong and have so much to ponder on.

The sales chart drawn by us consolidating all the necessary numbers over the past twelve months, that is, from the beginning of last October to the end of this October provides a glimpse into how the future sales figures for some of the big players might play out.

maruti suzuki baleno launched-1
Maruti Launches Premium Hatchback Baleno in October 2015

Topping the charts is the inevitable Maruti Suzuki alliance who sold 1,21,063 units since October 2014. Amidst bettering Hyundai by two-third of the number of vehicles sold, Maruti Suzuki has continuously upped its market prominence with a growth of 25%. This has apparently been aided by the new launches of Baleno hatchback, family-focussed Ertiga MPV and some clever strategies in pricing its existing products during festival seasons.

Car Sales Analysis of October 2015
Indian Car Sales Analysis of October 2015

Slotting behind them on an impressive 24% growth rate is the South Korean volume manufacturer Hyundai with 47,015 units sold spawned by the latest release of new vehicles especially the segment defining Creta SUV.

Mahindra follows suit in third ahead of Honda, boosted by the arrival of new Jazz with an impressive 51% growth, and Tata in fifth. Toyota has had a struggling annum despite almost clinging on to the number of units they managed to sell in the last term, with 12,403 units.

Renault Kwid images-14
Kwid help Renault to post 92% Growth in October 2015

The biggest mover in the table, however, is Renault who almost doubled the sales since last year. At an astounding growth of 92%, the French manufacturer pulled out all the stops by completing sales of 7,200 units as opposed to 3,750 vehicles between 2013-14 with the newly arrived small car Kwid.

Meanwhile, Fiat endured a loss of 44% by selling only 764 units in contrary to 1,368 vehicles in 2014. The launch of the Abarth edition Punto wouldn’t do much in helping its growth either as new versions of Punto and Linea haven’t seem to be coming any sooner. Hitting the rock bottom alongside Fiat are Chevrolet and Volkswagen with Renault’s global partner Nissan startlingly languishing at the wrong end of the spectrum.

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