Now You Can Personalize RE Motorcycles Right From The Showroom

Royal Enfield Interceptor MCH Scrambler-1-2

Royal Enfield’s MiY initiative and 3D configurator can be accessed through the Royal Enfield App, official website or at 320 sales outlets across the country

Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for being versatile towards personalization as their retro design charm and nostalgic appeal have won over customers for decades. The world’s oldest two-wheeler manufacturer in continuous production has revealed a new programme to take the owner personalization to the next level through ‘Make it Yours’ (MiY) initiative.

Buyers can now choose the available personalisation options and accessories right at the time of purchase, courtesy of an application based 3D configurator. MiY allows consumers to gain access to thousands of possible combinations in personalization with different colour options, trims and graphics, along with genuine motorcycle accessories.

The app-based personalization can be done right at the time of booking the motorcycle itself. Once customers place the reservation of the intended motorcycle through the application, they will get the visibility of delivery timeline as well. The MiY and the 3D Configurator will first debut on Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650.

mk design royal enfield 650 twin fairing-3

With ‘Make it Yours’ initiative, customers will benefit from “factory-tested, trustworthy and genuine motorcycle accessories” with a warranty of two years according to the brand. In the initial phase, MiY with the 3D Configurator will be rolled on the Royal Enfield App available on Android and iOS, the company Website and through more than 320 Royal Enfield stores across the country.

Through the Royal Enfield App, customers can now book their motorcycle and even place service appointments alongside opting for extended warranty and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) packages. Royal Enfield will make the 3D configurator and MiY available for other motorcycles within its domestic portfolio as well in the near future.

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With MiY, depending on the level of personalization, motorcycles will be custom made as per consumer specifications within a day or it can take up to 48 hours at the brand’s manufacturing plant in Chennai. The MiY for all the motorcycles across all the retail stores will be rolled out in a phased manner and it will be interesting to see the level of personalization the customers can come up with using the app.