Norton Betting Big On Commando For Success In Indian Market

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Norton will bring here an all-new limited edition motorcycle built for Indian market only; will be sold as CBU

British motorcycle manufacturer Norton has tied up with Motoroyale to enter Indian market and he brand is aiming to grab a good share here. The British marquee will bring its Commando and Dominator models here. There will be an all-new limited edition model as well that will be specially built for the Indian market and it will be sold as a CBU. This special edition model will be sold in a limited number of 30 units only.

Norton wants to put it as a product that is going to be all-British. As we reported earlier, it will introduce its first products in the domestic market within next three months. The company is betting big on Commando compared to the Dominator. It believes that the Commando will fetch more sales volume compared to its sibling Dominator.

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Demands for the premium motorcycles with high performance capability are increasing in domestic market for quite some time. Several global motorcycle manufacturers are rushing to grab significant share in the premium segment and Norton too is ready to be a part of that competition. It hopes to grab 14% stake in premium motorcycle category.

For its global expansion, Norton has tried its luck in 25-30 countries across the world and India is going to play key role in that strategy. This is why Norton has tied up with Motoroyale in this equity joint venture instead of a distribution partnership. The company confident that it won’t have much problem in drawing attention of the buyers despite tough competition from major brands like Triumph, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Suzuki etc.

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First co-developed motorcycle by Norton and Motoroyale will be launched sometime by the end of 2018. Initially, Norton will use Motoroyale’s multi-brand dealerships spread across cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai. By the end of 2018, it aims to set up 12-15 retail outlets across the country.
Source: BW Businessworld