No Toll Tax Waiver for Over Three Minutes of Waiting

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NHAI has issued a statement clarifying that there is rule to waive toll fee in case of waiting time exceeding 3 minutes

National Highway Authority of India has issued a statement clarifying the rule regarding the toll fee waiver in case of waiting time exceeding 3 minutes. The authority says there is no rule to waive the toll fee if the waiting time is more than three minutes. So far, it is cleared that there is no provision at all to exempt the tax relating to waiting time.

The National Highway Fee Amendment Rules 2010 states the list of vehicles that are exempted from paying the toll fee. But, the issue of tax waiver due to waiting time is not mentioned there. To clear the confusion regarding the issue, NHAI has posted the statement of clarification on its official website as well.


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The statement comes after a RTI applicant posted on Facebook saying there is a provision not to pay tax if the waiting time at toll plaza is more than 3 minutes. As several toll plazas across the country face a long que of cars every day, this post was expected to create a great confusion. Hence, there is absolutely no reason to be cheered for the vehicle owners.

Meanwhile the National Road and Transport Ministry is taking several measures to make the roads safer for the passengers and vehicles. The ministry has already decided to limit the maximum speed of the cabs in Delhi and NCR. The decision comes as the national capital is one of the cities where numbers of death due to road accidents are alarmingly high.

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India is one of the countries with alarmingly high numbers of death due to road accidents. Last year, the ministry decided to abolish the speed breakers from the national highways. Apart from such decisions, the government is also focusing on implementing stricter safety norms for the car manufacturers, which will certainly reduce the number of death and injuries take place due to road accidents.