No More Speed Breakers on National Highways, Orders Union Transport Ministry

The Road and Transport Ministry has asked state governments, PWDs, NHAI and BRO to remove speed breakers from national highways

highway expressway

In an attempt to reduce the accidents on national highways Union Road and Transport Ministry has ordered the state governments, state PWDs, NHAI and the BRO to remove the speed breakers from the national highways, as the ministry believes these speed breakers pose potential threat to the lives of people travelling through the highways. The ministry also believes, it will not only reduce the chance of an accident on the highways, but also ensure smoother movement. This step will also ensure less damage for the running vehicles. The ministry has asked details about the actions taken on the by next Wednesday.

According to the Road Accident Report (2014), which was published by the Union Road and Transport Ministry a total of 4726 people died in crashes caused by humps, while a total of 6672 people died in accidents which were caused by the potholes and speed breakers. In its report the ministry has mentioned the facts that several local authorities have been constructing speed breakers to reduce the vehicle speed on national highways despite strict guidelines in place. According to the ministry, these speed breakers can cause serious hazards and accidents to the fast moving traffic.

The ministry also mentioned these speed breakers and road bumps are undesirable as national highways are there to facilitate movement of traffic. Although the ministry didn’t oppose the properly designed rumple strips at sharp curves, level crossings, congested areas or accident prone zones as controlling speed in these places are unavoidable to reduce the chance of accidents and loss of lives there after.

The ministry has asked the concerned agencies to explore the possibilities of building foot over bridges, pedestrian underpasses on the national highways, which will reduce the mishaps related to pedestrians. Chairman of International Road Federation Mr. K K Kapila also agreed that, there shouldn’t be speed breakers on national highways.

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