Watch this Video of Nissan Terrano Attacked by Angry Bull

The Video of Nissan Terrano attacked by angry bull shows how ferocious animals can get as it destroys front of the car and punctures tyre

Nissan Terrano might be a tough looking SUV, but in front of this angry bull it was sitting like a lame duck. Here is a video showing the raging bull attacking the SUV. The right side front fender of the car is severely damaged, tyre punctured and what it seems is the washer fluid pouring out.

Hopefully, no occupants inside the car were injured during the bull attack. The video shows the terrified occupants are sitting inside the SUV. But this short video doesn’t reveal any further information. So it is impossible to know, what happened to the occupants or the SUV later. The place of the incident is also unknown, but it could be somewhere in Europe.

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The old Nissan Terrano seen in the video, known as the Terrano II is a mid-size SUV. This was in production between 1993 and 2006. The SUV in the video is a three-door model, while a five-door model was also on offer. This car was sold in Japan as Nissan Mistral and also supplied to Ford Europe under an OEM agreement. Ford Europe sold it as the Ford Maverick in Europe.

The Nissan Terrano II was a tough looking car with muscular bumpers and thick body cladding. The video also shows the muscular character of the car. But nothing was able to bar the bull from attacking and mutilating the 1,920 kg weighing SUV.


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During its launch in 1993, power source for the Nissan Terrano II was a 2.4-litre KA24E petrol engine and a 2.7-litre TD turbodiesel engine. From 1996, the petrol model received a 2.4i fuel-injected engine, while the diesel variant got a 2.7-litre intercooled unit. Three years later, the SUV received a 3.0-litre TDi DOHC turbodiesel intercooled engine, which continued until 2006.