Nissan Targets One Million EV Sales Annually By 2022

Nissan IMx Concept

About 20 models in as many markets with self-driving technology are about to be rolled out as well by the alliance

Nissan has revealed plans to sell one million electric vehicles worldwide by 2022 as part of increasing the revenue by 30 percent and reaching 16.5 trillion yen target by the closure of the 2022 financial year. The Japanese auto major has also devised aggressive strategy to culminate free cash flow of 2.5 trillion yen and achieve 8 percent core operating profit margin.

A range of new technologies involving self driving and connected cars are also endorsed for arrival. The Renault-Nissan global alliance was initially predicted to be a bummer but both companies rose against all odds to make it one of the most successful partnerships in automotive history. With Mitsubishi under their arm, powertrain and platform sharing will be utilised to the maximum.

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Nissan-Leaf-Grand-Touring-Concept.jpgFrom 2021 onwards, Infiniti brand will offer new electric options while an electric crossover drawing design influence from the IMx Concept will be introduced eventually. China is the largest consumer of electric cars in the world right now and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is looking to taking advantage of that by launching a slew of electric cars.

Another significant plan is to introduce an electric small vehicle in Japan and in total about eight pure electric models are about to be developed. Nissan has had tremendous success globally with the Leaf and all the upcoming zero-emission vehicles will follow its footsteps. About 20 models in as many markets with self-driving technology are about to be rolled out as well.

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Nissan Launches Qashqai Facelift at Geneva 2Apart from the main brands, automakers like Datsun are revealed to get 100 percent connectivity options in some key markets. As for Nissan, about half of its cumulative sales in Japan is targeted to be electric vehicles by 2025. In a similar fashion, 35 to 40 percent sales in China as well as 20 to 30 percent sales in United States are aimed to be EVs by the middle of next decade.