Nissan to Launch Semi-Autonomous Driving Technology in US


Nissan’s semi-autonomous driving technology has been developed after testing it for over 80,000 kilometres; specially designed for US roads and drivers

Japanese auto giant Nissan is all set to launch its semi-autonomous driving technology ProPilot Assist in US market later this year. The auto major has already started demonstrating the technology in the country. It claims the ProPilot Assist technology has been developed after testing for nearly 80,467 kilometres across the country and this has been designed specially for the US roads and drivers.

The ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous driving technology combines the Steering Assist and Intelligent Cruise Control together and it can be used in both heavy and flowing traffic conditions. The automaker also claims that the ProPilot Assist technology requires the driver to keep his or her hand on the steering wheel, as this is not a complete self-driving technology.


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As Nissan claims, the ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous driving technology helps the driver by reducing his or her stress level. Also, this technology always gives priority manual inputs from the driver. For instance, if the mist mode is on or the wipers are in low or high position, the Steering Assist feature gets disabled automatically. If the lane markings are visible, then the system stays active.

The Nissan ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous driving technology incorporates an array of sensors and cameras that can detect the lane markings, therefore helping the driver to stay on the dedicated lane. Also, it can adjust itself automatically depending on the various traffic conditions. So far, the Japanese company describes the technology more like an improved version of the Intelligent Cruise Control.


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Self-driving technology is one of the most researched automotive technologies across the world. But, the technologies on offer from various automakers like Tesla and Volvo are not fully self-driving systems. Instead they come as stress buster for the drivers by helping them with several driving assisting functions. Volvo is currently working on its IntelliSafe autonomous technology that is claimed to become the safest self-driving technology in near future.

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