Nissan Scraps Production In Japan Over Faulty Quality Inspection


Nissan has stopped production of JDM cars in Japan; likely to re-inspect around 34,000 vehicles sold between 20th September and 18th October

Nissan has suspended production of its local market-spec vehicles across its plans in Japan over the scandal of faulty quality inspection. As we reported few days ago, Nissan is facing trouble due to unauthorized vehicle check procedure in Japan and transport ministry authorities are raiding the company’s factories. The company has stopped production in six of its facilities for around two weeks.

The investigation revealed that Nissan’s Oppama, Tochigi and Kyushu plants had no properly registered and certified technicians to perform the final quality inspections for the JDM spec vehicles. Now, the brand is also mulling the plan of re-inspecting all the unregistered vehicles at certified dealers across the country as a corrective measure.


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The Japanese auto giant says that around 34,000 vehicles were produced between 20th September and 18th October. All of these vehicles are suspected to have been sold without proper final quality inspection by certified technicians. As we have already wrote, Nissan is planning a wide recall of the vehicles that were sold in Japan in past three years. It is estimated that around 1.2 million passenger cars across Japan are affected due to the scam.

No wonder, this scandal is surely going to lower the brand image of the automaker in Japan as well as in global market as well. However, it is not sure, if the global market-spec cars are also affected by the same irregularity as well.


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Nissan’s negligence of quality inspection of the cars in Japan comes as the second major irregularities by any automaker originating from the country in last two years. Earlier, Mitsubishi was found misleading the buyers with false fuel efficiency data of its vehicles in Japan. Due to that, Mitsubishi lost its brand image resulting in decline of its value. Interestingly, Nissan purchased Mitsubishi after the latter brand ran into financial trouble that was led by the mileage data scam and now it is also in similar situation.