Nissan Reveals 4 EV Concepts; Will Launch 23 Electrified Models By 2030

Nissan Concept EVs img1

Nissan has showcased four EV concepts – Chill-Out, Max-Out, Surf-Out, and Hang-Out – which preview the manufacturer’s future EV plans

Japanese carmaker Nissan has accelerated its focus on electrification, with plans to launch 23 new electrified models by 2030. Among these future cars, 15 would be purely electric vehicles. The manufacturer has also unveiled four new concept EVs, with some very “out” of the box names.

The concept electric vehicles, named Chill-Out, Max-Out, Surf-Out, and Hang-Out, cover different genres. The Chill-Out is a coupe-style crossover, based on the brand’s CMF-EV platform, and it comes equipped with the e-4orce system (Nissan speak for electric all-wheel-drive system). Nissan Chill-Out could be a preview for the next-generation Leaf, which is slated to switch bodystyles from hatchback to crossover.

Nissan Max-Out is a sporty two-door convertible, which looks very exciting and promises to be just as exciting to drive. The manufacturer claims that this electric roadster would have a very low centre of gravity, along with brilliant handling characteristics. The new Z is already running on our minds, and this one will now run alongside it.

Nissan Concept Chill-Out front angle

The Surf-Out concept is an electric single cab truck, with a long bed and an overall muscular design. The manufacturer has described it as a true-blue off-roader, and as per reports, a production model based on it could launch in the US market in the coming years. The pickup truck market is massive in the US, and electrification is taking hold there as well.

Nissan Hang-Out concept is an electric crossover-style hatchback. It features a boxy design with rugged elements outside, along with a completely flat floor and theatre-like seating inside. It has been designed as a mobile living space, with both front and rear sliding doors. The car gets four seats in the cabin, each capable of swivelling around and moving forwards and backwards.

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These concept EVs are a brilliant preview of what to expect from Nissan this decade. Also, the carmaker is planning to introduce cobalt-free batteries in the coming years, which will help bring the manufacturing costs down massively. Nissan will also increase its battery production to 52 GWh by 2026, and then further to 130 GWh by 2030.