Nissan Kicks SUV Vs Rivals – Dimension Comparison

Nissan Kicks SUV Vs creta duster s-cross Captur Dimensions

The dimension comparison of Nissan Kicks against Hyundai Creta, Maruti S-Cross, Renault Duster, Renault Captur and Honda WR-V

Nissan is going to launch Kicks in India on January 22 and the company has already started production of the new model in the Chennai plant. The official bookings commenced last month and the dealership dispatch has also begun. The Kicks is going to compete in the compact SUV segment and in this article, we are comparing the Kicks against its rivals in terms of dimension to find how the new model stack up.

Nissan Kicks Vs Hyundai Creta – Dimension Comparison

The Creta will be the main competitor for the Kicks as it is currently leading the segment. In terms of dimensions the Kicks is the big car here as it measures 4384 mm length, 1813 mm width and 1656 mm height, on the other hand, Creta measures 4270 mm length, 1780 mm width and 1656 mm (Creta is taller my 1 mm compared to Kicks).

The wheelbase of Creta is 2590 mm while Kicks is 2673 mm. The boot capacity of both models stands at 400 litres, which can be expanded by folding down second-row seats. The Kicks also gives 20 mm more ground clearance than Creta but the latter offers 5 litres more fuel tank capacity. The bigger dimensions of Kicks might give an advantage over the Creta.

Nissan Kicks (Hyundai Creta Rival )To Be Officially Revealed On October 18 in India

Model Nissan Kicks Hyundai Creta
Length 4384 mm 4270 mm
Width 1813 mm 1780 mm
Height 1656 mm 1665 mm
Wheelbase 2673 mm 2590 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 190 mm
Boot Space 400 L 400 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L 55 L


Nissan Kicks Vs Maruti Suzuki S-Cross – Dimension Comparison

Nissan Kicks VS Maruti Suzuki S-Cross - Feature & Specs Comparison

The Kicks is going to be positioned in the same price bracket as S-Cross, which is a crossover rather than compact SUV. The S-Cross is smaller than Kicks in length, Width and height but the wheelbase of both models are almost the same but the Kicks edges ahead as it is slightly bigger. The ground clearance of S-Cross is just 180 mm while the Kicks offer 210 mm as it is a proper compact SUV. The S-Cross boot is 47 litres smaller than the Kicks. The Kicks gives 2 litres more fuel tank capacity compared to S-Cross.

Model Nissan Kicks Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
Length 4384 mm 4300 mm
Width 1813 mm 1785 mm
Height 1656 mm 1595 mm
Wheelbase 2673 mm 2600 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 180 mm
Boot Space 400 L 353 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L 48 L


Nissan Kicks Vs Renault Duster – Dimension Comparison

2016 renault duster

The Kicks and Duster are based on the same platform and both models share lots of components also. The dimensions of both models are similar but the Kicks is longer but the Duster is wider and taller. The wheelbase of both Duster and Kicks is 2673 mm while the Kicks offer 5 mm more ground clearance. The Duster offers larger boot as it has 475 litres of capacity compared to 400 litres for Kicks. The fuel tank capacity is also the same.

Model Nissan Kicks Renault Duster
Length 4384 mm 4315 mm
Width 1813 mm 1822 mm
Height 1656 mm 1695 mm
Wheelbase 2673 mm 2673 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 205 mm
Boot Space 400 L 475 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L 50 L


Nissan Kicks Vs Renault Captur – Dimension Comparison

renault captur launched in india-16

Both Kicks and Captur is based on the same platform of Duster as it is heavily localized, which will help them to price these models aggressively. The length difference between both these models is minor while they offer the same width but the Kicks is taller than Captur. The wheelbase, ground clearance and fuel tank capacity is same for Kicks and Captur. The Kicks offers 9 litres more boot space when compared to Captur.

Model Nissan Kicks Renault Captur
Length 4384 mm 4329 mm
Width 1813 mm 1813 mm
Height 1656 mm 1619 mm
Wheelbase 2673 mm 2673 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 210 mm
Boot Space 400 L 392 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L 50 L

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Nissan Kicks Vs Honda WR-V – Dimension Comparison

Model Nissan Kicks Honda WR-V
Length 4384 mm 3999 mm
Width 1813 mm 1734 mm
Height 1656 mm 1601 mm
Wheelbase 2673 mm 2555 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 188 mm
Boot Space 400 L 363 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L 40 L

The WR-V is not a compact SUV as it is a jacked up crossover version based on the Jazz and this reflects in dimensions also. The Kicks is longer, wider and taller than the WR-V. The wheelbase of Kicks is 2673 mm compared to 2555 mm of WR-V. In terms of boot space, fuel tank capacity and ground clearance, the Kicks has the upper hand over the WR-V.