Nissan GTR crashed at 170km/h, driver miraculously survived (with Video)


Russian Footballer driving Nissan GTR crashed at 170km/h, Yet Safe

There are over 1000 supercar crash videos in YouTube and you can notice all of them are either at fault from the driver or reckless and fearless driving conditions. However, this incident of Russian soccer player Andrey Yeschenko behind the wheel of his black Nissan GT-R proves fatal, yet the driver walks away unhurt. According to Russia’s LifeNews, eyewitnesses said the player was drunk at the time of driving.


The CCTV footage captured on the Russian Highway shows the 31-year-old Andrey Yeschenko, was speeding in his Japanese supercar in Krasnodar, Russia, when he went off track and rammed the nose-first into a cement electrical pole. The Russian soccer player was way too Lucky to have sustained the crash as the Nissan GT-R also called the Godzilla was completely totaled and he was able to walk away without any major injuries.

The Nissan GT-R is the spiritual descendant of a long lineage of epic Nissan Skyline sports cars. Under the hood is the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 developing 550 horsepower which can sprint to 100kmph in a scant 3.5 seconds. From the outside, the new front face is visually distinguished by its double rectifier fins and integrated white LED running lights. Nissan GT-R is fast and a high performance vehicle which if not put in right hands could be fatal. Post image of the GT-R is completely destroyed due to the crash, though the car managed to have its occupant walk out unhurt. Thanks to the rigidness of the supercar and this would go plus into the safety features of the carmaker. We urge our readers to know Speed Thrills, but Speed also Kills. Andrey Yeschenko was lucky, but this does not happen to everyone every time. Mind your rides-Mind your Roads, Be Safe




Source – CarScoop