Nissan Could Launch Autonomous Cars In 2022

India-Bound Nissan Leaf Revealed

Nissan is gearing up to compete with Google Waymo and Tesla; will start testing autonomous Leaf EVs in Japan from March 2018

Autonomous driving is a sector on which several auto manufacturers are working for quite some time. Being a global auto major Nissan too wants to grab its own share in the driverless car market and the Japanese brand is keen to roll out its first autonomous car in 2022. Also, the automaker is ready to start test run of the driverless cars in Japan from March 2018.

To achieve the target of rolling out driverless cars in 2022, Nissan is preparing two Leaf electric cars that will be ran as test vehicles. These will be equipped with wide range of sensors and cameras along with autonomous driving software developed by DeNA Co.

India-Bound Nissan Leaf Revealed 7

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These test vehicles will pave way for the brand’s robot taxis, which are expected to start running on Japanese roads from early 2020. The two Nissan Leaf EVs will give the company chance for research and develop the driverless driving technology further. Overall, Nissan aims to become a major player in the world of driverless cars in next decade and it is leaving no stones unturned for that.

Nissan is gearing up to compete with rivals like Google Waymo and Tesla in its bid to become a major autonomous driving car manufacturer. In its list of potential competitors is the American auto giant General Motors that has been working on the same technology for quite some.

India-Bound Nissan Leaf Revealed 18

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As you know, driverless driving technology is something that has become an area of research and development for several global auto majors that include both the mass market car producers and luxury brands as well. While Tesla has already garnered attention of the world market with its Autopilot system, which is a package of driver assistive technologies, Volvo and Mercedes too have advanced with the tech.

Mercedes has already tested driverless trucks and buses in several cities across Europe. Volvo too is working on the driverless technology and it aims to roll out future models with this system. Speaking about Nissan, it is not sure, which cars will get the technology, but we can assume popular models like Serena minivan, X-Trail SUV or the Leaf EV could be among them.