Nissan Altima-te AWD Is A Sedan With Extreme Snow Tracks

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Nissan Altima-te AWD is based on the all-new 2018 Altima sedan and has specially been modified by Motorsports in Action (MIA)

Nissan has revealed a new project vehicle called the Altima-te AWD and it comes fitted with a duty track system. Debuting at the Montreal International Auto Show in Canada, the Altima-te AWD is based on the brand new version of the Altima. Joining the “Warrior” Nissan family of one-off vehicles, it has a robust presence with 180 mm wide flared fenders at front and rear.

The Japanese manufacturer says the project vehicle represents a new era of AWD capability and in fact, the production Altima comes with standard All-Wheel-Drive configuration in Canada. Nissan states that the Altima-te AWD can conquer the toughest of weather conditions due to the “added confidence” provided by standard All-Wheel Drive that adapts to road scenarios.

The Altima-te AWD is customised by Motorsports in Action (MIA), based out of Quebec, using the Dominator track system from American Track Truck, in a similar fashion to the Rogue Warrior that debuted two years ago. Dimensionally, the tracks measure 1,220 mm in length, 750 mm in height and 380 mm in width.


Several modifications were done to the chassis and the most important exterior change is the addition of fenders for accommodating the Dominator track system that increased the total width by 360 mm. Despite the plethora of modifications, MIA has managed to keep the Altima’s design cues intact.

The tuning firm has applied complex design and fabrication process to adopt the wide body, as the fenders are made of high-density foam and epoxy resin used in nautical structures. It consumed over 150 hours of work with the total project stretching to 250 hours for completion.

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The hardcore fender flares help in reduction in snow projections. As part of better functionality, the Altima-te AWD has its ride height increased by a massive 80 mm. All the required components were designed and manufactured by MIA. The front and rear load-bearing chassis were dropped by 30 mm and the suspension components were raised by 50 mm with change in geometry for offsetting the deviation caused by the ride height change.

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