NGT Suggests Impounding 10 Year Old Diesel Cars in Delhi-NCR

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NGT suggests impounding 10 Year old diesel cars in Delhi-NCR; 15 year old petrol cars is also under suggestion

To curb the pollution level in Delhi National Green Tribunal once again suggested ban on 10 year old diesel cars in Delhi and NCR. It suggested impounding of 15 year old petrol cars in the region as well. In Delhi and NCR the diesel cars with 2000 cc and above engines are already banned for last 7 months.

Recently Supreme Court said; it may lift the ban on 2000 cc and above diesel engine powered cars. But for that the automakers need to pay an one time green cess. Incidentally, because of the ban on larger diesel engines auto manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, Mahindra, and Toyota have been facing decline in their sales figure.

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Now if the 10 year old diesel cars and 15 year old petrol cars get impounded, it will help the automakers to revive their sales figure. Meanwhile NGT has also suggested a de registration of 10 year older vehicles in Delhi and NCR. Since last few months Delhi and NCR has been in the spotlight because of the diesel ban.

Apart from Delhi and NCR the NGT also imposed ban on 2000 cc and larger diesel engines in Kerala. It also banned the 10 year old vehicles in the state. Furious by the ban Japanese automaker Toyota threatened that it won’t bring the new models in India. The automaker sees the diesel ban a direct threat to its business in the country. NCT also proposed to impose the diesel ban in several other metro cities of India.

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In Delhi and NCR Delhi government took unique initiative to curb the pollution. It launched the odd-even plan in two phases. Though the odd-even plan created hassle for the traffic system in the national capital, but it also significantly reduced the air pollution while the program was in effect. Later Supreme Court banned the diesel run taxis in the region. The ban was later lifted though.