NextEV NIO EP9 Sets EV World Record in Nurburgring

NextEV NIO EP9 is the Chinese electric supercar that took 7.05.12 minutes to complete 20.8 km long lap of the Nurburgring

The Chinese electric powered supercar NIO EP9 has set the world record of fastest lap timing at the Nurburgring in Germany. The car developed by NextEV has taken 7.05.12 minutes to complete the 20.8 km long lap. This makes the NIO EP9 even faster than some of internal-combustion engine powered supercars like the Ferrari 488, Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, Lamborghini Aventador and Nissan GT-R Nismo.

The zero emission EP9 supercar uses four electric motors for power and it also gets four individual gearboxes as well. These electric motors churn out a combined 1,360 PS of maximum power output and 1,480 Nm of peak torque as well. To accelerate to 100 kmph from standstill, the EP9 takes only 2.7 seconds, and it also has a top speed of 313 kmph.


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The NIO EP9 comes 0.2 second slower than the current production model of Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode option. The American EV maker claims, the Tesla Model S P100D is presently the fastest production car in the world. And after setting the world record, NextEV is claiming the EP9 as the world’s fastest electric car. Now only a head-to-head testing of these two cars can prove which is the fastest.

The NIO EP9 is not a production car yet, but its performance has already caught attention from around the world. The Chinese brand has said that, the EP9 is intended to be a best-in-class showcase model. It is the brand’s debut car and with such a performance it looks really impressive.


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While unveiling the car in London, the NextEV has said that, the NIO EP9 comes with a swappable battery system. The battery can be fully charged in just 45 minutes. Also, this car has an impressive 427 km of running range with a fully charged battery.

Video: driveEV