Next Generation BMW 6 Series would Come Sans the Convertible

Next generation BMW 6 Series will be introduced in 2018 or 2019


German luxury automaker BMW is about to axe the 6 Series Convertible. Therefore the next generation BMW 6 Series portfolio will come without the cabriolet, when it gets launched in 2018 or 2019. Not only that, BMW is planning to axe the Gran Coupe version as well, and in that case the place will be taken by the 9 Series flagship which is yet to be approved for production. If all these happen, then the BMW 6 Series will remain available with only a four seater coupe version.

The next generation BMW 6 Series coupe will be based on the all new BMW CLAR platform, which is the home of the present generation of BMW 7 Series. On the design front the upcoming 6 Series will sport a very sleek and stylish proportioned design. It will adorn more elegant roofline and a shallower glass area, which will take the inspiration from the smaller BMW 4 Series coupe from the automaker’s stable.

The next generation 6 Series will shed around 226 kilogram weight, and it will be introduced with an optional air suspension, rear wheel powering steering wheel. The power source for the next generation BMW 6 Series will be an all new 3.0 litre quad turbo inline six cylinder engine, which will be mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission and churn out around 550 hp of peak power.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated and proposed BMW 9 Series flagship model is still waiting for approval. If it gets the green signal, the car will get a twin turbo straight six dual high performing electric motors which will churn out around 500 hp of peak power together. If the car receives green signal, then we can expect it to come by 2020. The German automaker doesn’t see much of takers for the model although, which is the biggest reason for stalling the project.

Source: BMW Blog

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