Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser 300 To Likely Debut On August 1, 2021

New genertion Toyota Land Cruiser-2

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will more likely make its world premiere on its 70th anniversary before going on sale in the international markets

Toyota’s globally popular Land Cruiser will celebrate its 70th anniversary on August 1, 2021 and it could be the date when the next generation could be revealed. The Land Cruiser 300 has been subjected to plenty of speculations in recent years and it will have a thoroughly redesigned exterior and a new interior with improvements pertaining to comfort, convenience, safety and connective features.

After nearly 14 years in production, the Land Cruiser 200 is due to be discontinued and Toyota’s Japanese manufacturing facility will reportedly undergo tooling changes to accommodate the new model. While that process could take a few months, Toyota generally builds up stock for dealerships before moving on to the new model.

Credits where it’s due, as the company has managed to keep the upcoming model under wraps so far. Earlier, it was said that the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 would make global debut by the middle of this year. The new version of the off-roading SUV will likely ditch the V8 powertrains in favour of the more frugal six-cylinder units as even the 4.5-litre V8 was discontinued back in 2019.

New genertion Toyota Land Cruiser-2

The 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine and its hybrid variant could be sold in select markets. A 3.3-litre six-pot diesel could be made available as well. Media reports indicate that the new Land Cruiser will be underpinned by the updated version of the existing ladder frame chassis and it will have similar proportions as the outgoing model.

In many markets, the Land Cruiser 200 won’t see the light beyond the 2021MY. It has also been rumoured that a replacement to the Lexus LX, which is based on the LC200, is in the development. It could carry the Lexus LQ nameplate and move to a unibody construction with more luxurious features while being capable of off-roading.

The chances of the next generation Toyota Land Cruiser reaching India in the near future are high as it has established a name for itself. Moreover, the Vellfire luxury MPV is performing well in sales as well.