Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner’s Hybrid Powertrain Previewed – All Details

Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner 2024

Toyota has unveiled its new diesel mild-hybrid powertrain, which will go into production in 2024 on the Hilux and next-gen Fortuner

Toyota is gearing up to introduce its diesel mild-hybrid powertrain on the popular Hilux pickup truck. The automaker recently conducted trials of the electrified powertrain on a Hilux GR-S prototype during the WRC Safari Rally 2023 in Kenya, showcasing the capabilities of this innovative technology. Interestingly, this mild-hybrid setup will also make its way to the next-gen Fortuner.

The Hilux mild hybrid, expected to be named Hilux MHEV upon its debut, is set to hit various markets, including South Africa and Australia, next year. Toyota South Africa had previously confirmed that both the Hilux and Fortuner would be equipped with mild-hybrid technology starting in 2024. We expect the electrified pickup truck to make its way to India later.

The focal point of the powertrain upgrade is the 2.8-litre diesel engine found in the Hilux and Fortuner, which will receive a 48V mild-hybrid system. This system is likely to be paired exclusively with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Toyota estimates that the addition of mild-hybrid technology will improve fuel efficiency by around 10% compared to the non-hybrid variant.

Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner Rendered
Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner Rendered

Toyota Australia’s press release provided some insight into the Hilux’s mild-hybrid setup, highlighting the inclusion of a 48V battery, a small electric motor generator, and other essential components. Toyota emphasizes that these additions will not compromise the Hilux’s off-road and towing capabilities, reassuring customers that the vehicle’s renowned performance will remain intact.

Initially, the diesel mild-hybrid powertrain will be available on the top trims of the Hilux, gradually expanding to the entire lineup. Toyota’s decision to test the Hilux MHEV prototype at the WRC Kenya event further underscores the brand’s commitment to developing sustainable and efficient technologies without sacrificing performance.

Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner Rendered 1

As stated above, the next-generation Fortuner is expected to adopt the same mild-hybrid powertrain in the future. Considering the strictening emission norms around the globe, the electrified powertrain seems like a necessity. The updated SUV is expected to have its global debut sometime during 2024, with its India launch following soon after.