New York, Massachusetts Sue Volkswagen Over Dieselgate


New York, Massachusetts Sue Volkswagen Over Dieselgate; Audi and Porsche have also been subjected to legal proceedings

New York state and Massachusetts are suing the Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche over the infamous Dieselgate. The Dieselgate has been the biggest scam in the history of automotive world. Last year when the scam came into light after probe in US, it really rocked the entire world. In the aftermath almost every other country across the world ordered probe against Volkswagen.

The probe revealed that Volkswagen and its subsidiaries like Audi, Skoda and Porsche have been cheating the emission tests in around the globe. The TDI engine powered cars comprising of various models were fitted with an emission cheating software. This software ensured controlled the emission level during the lab tests. The emission level controlled by the cheating software is 40% lower than the original emission level.

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The states of New York and Massachusetts have filed the lawsuits accusing the German automakers for heating the customers. The lawsuits allege the German company has cheated buyers by selling more than 40000 cars hiding true emission level data. Also the lawsuits claims, he German brands submitted distorted documents to the two states.

Few months back, Volkswagen and its associates agreed to spend $15.3 billion to compensate the affected customers. The automakers agreed to fix the emission cheating software in the affected cars and therefore compensate the concerned customers. In the compensation program it also offers o buy back the affected cars.

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The Dieselgate scam took a great toll on the overall sales of the Volkswagen across the world. In US the company has been trying to capture a fare share of the market. No wonder their hope crashed after the scam came into lights. In India too, several cars from Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi have been detected with emission cheating software.

The TDI engine being affected was the reason behind the automaker’s not launching Ameo diesel initially as well. The German automaker denied this fact though.