New Toyota GR Yaris & GR GT3 Concept To Debut At Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota GR Yaris 2022

The uprated Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch is expected to go into production in limited numbers but no official confirmation yet

Toyota is all set to unveil two new concepts at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon and taking advantage of the Gazoo Racing division, a performance-based GR Yaris is waiting to arrive besides the GR GT3 concept for the racetrack. The GR Yaris has been well received for its performance credentials by being a hot hatchback and the upcoming version builds on its substantially.

The Japanese manufacturer has released a teaser image showing the enhancements made to the hatchback. It gets a prominent spoiler at the rear, a new aerodynamic body kit all around, a wider bonnet vent for cooling purposes, more chiselled bodywork, cosmetic updates and so on. In addition to the exterior and mechanical tweaks, the powertrain may also get an upgrade.

The existing 1.6-litre three-pot turbocharged petrol engine develops a maximum power output of 260 horsepower and 361 Nm of peak torque, and the performance figures could be increased further. Toyota could put all its efforts from spawning the GR Yaris WRC Hybrid race car into the design and functionality behind the conceptual version.

Toyota GR gt3 concept

The even more hardcore Toyota GR Yaris could enter production but no official confirmation has been made yet. It must be noted that even if Toyota decides to manufacture this model leveraging the existing hot hatch, it could be made available in limited numbers. The possibilities of the upgraded GR Yaris offered in its kit form to the existing buyers do exist as well.

The upcoming version could act as a base for future updates of the standard Yaris too. The Toyota GR GT3 concept, on the other hand, means all business with aero fender vents, a massive rear wing, coupe-like silhouette, flared wheels, wide front track, etc. Toyota says the concept car incorporates the “knowledge and refined technologies” gained in motorsport.

Toyota will showcase the GR GT3 concept alongside the GR010 Hybrid race car and other race machines. The brand was reportedly mulling over launching the GR Supra for India but nothing really came to fruition.