This New Toyota Fortuner Accident Should Make You Realise the Importance of Safety Features

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As an automotive blog, we highly emphasise on road safety and when we catch up with accidents like this happen in front of our own eyes, we would definitely talk about them. The crash here between a Honda Amaze and Toyota Fortuner is testament to the evolved safety standards of today but it is always in the fact that the responsibility of a driver to keep himself and the fellow occupants safe.

Having at least minimum levels of safety equipment is necessary and makes the big difference between life and death. Thankfully, car manufacturers are beginning to come up with driver airbag as standardised equipment across all variants from lower end of the budget scale. Before choosing a car to buy, we Indians would typically look for the mileage capability.

new fortuner accident india-17Bear in mind that fuel economy saves just money but the airbags and other safety techs would save you and your family’s lives. Before purchasing a vehicle, make sure that the right boxes are ticked on the safety front as well as spending a little extra money would make the significant difference between getting minor injuries and on be a completely sorry state.

Coming back to the crash, the heavily crushed Fortuner was traveling at around 100 kmph and missed the intersection where Amaze had hit the SUV’s rear left tyre. Due to the impact, the Fortuner’s right side collided with the street light pole.

new fortuner accident india Its right alloys broke but it stopped 50 metres away from the accident point. Only the side airbags inflated as there was no impact on the front of Fortuner – explaining the precision of the entire system.

Courtesy of the curtain airbags and solid built quality on both the cars, no fatalities were recorded and in fact the drivers of both the cars and the occupants were not injured to even a slightest bit except for some possible minor concussions.

new fortuner accident india-9Having tried our best to enlighten your road safety spirits, next time, when you step on the gas, always remember that your life is as precious as everyone else’s.

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