New Hyundai Creta Modified With Alcazar Face – VIDEO


Stop waiting for the Hyundai Creta facelift, and take a look at this modified example with a face that belongs to the larger Alcazar

Hyundai Creta holds a noticeable share in the mid-size SUV space in the Indian market. The SUV’s dominance in the Indian market is so strong that it averages around 12,000 units every month. This figure reveals that Creta is a crowd favourite. In fact, a lot of modified examples can also be seen on the roads. While we have earlier come across modified Cretas that look outlandish, here’s one that has almost received a mid-life facelift.

The Creta is the context here, borrows the front facet from the larger Alcazar. The modification has been performed on the base-spec E variant of the Creta. The changes include a new front bumper, radiator grille, and headlamps. All of these elements essentially belong to the 7-seat Alcazar, but they do make this modified Creta stand out from the crowd.

We came across this tuned example via a YouTube video uploaded by Vig Auto Accessories. The modification has been performed with Hyundai’s genuine parts. The chrome-finished grille seen on the Creta is swapped with the Alcazar’s that gets a studded pattern. Moreover, the latter’s headlamps look more premium of the two.

These changes are minor but give the Creta a fresher appeal. While the front bumper of this example is yet to be painted, we know that it will make the Creta look bold. Around the sides, changes include 17-inch rims that look quite like those seen on the Alcazar.

The interior also gets the Alcazar treatment with a black-brown colour scheme for the dashboard and the upholstery. An aftermarket touchscreen is also fixed on the centre console. In the base trim, the Creta fails to get a leather-wrapped steering wheel and door pads. However, the owner has trimmed these pieces with bespoke leather here.

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Overall, this modification job looks tasteful and seems to have been performed by experienced hands. The base trim of the Creta is priced at Rs. 10.16 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) with the 1.5L petrol motor and at Rs. 10.63 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) with the 1.5L diesel engine. These engines come with a 6-speed manual gearbox in the E grade and produce a peak power output of 115 PS.