New-Gen Renault Duster For India May Get Hybrid Powertrain – Report

Dacia Bigster concept SUV 4

The new-gen Renault Duster midsize SUV is currently being evaluated for India based on the CMF-B LS platform

Renault’s Indian innings picked up the momentum early last decade courtesy of the Duster. The midsize SUV had been through notable updates in India but nothing too substantial as the global Dacia/Renault Duster gained a new generation years ago while the domestic market’s version continued to get revisions to extend the life cycle of the first generation.

The Renault Duster set an early benchmark in the midsize SUV space but the Hyundai Creta quickly became the flagbearer and raised the bar upon its arrival in 2015. Over the last three years, we have seen the segment evolve into a prolific volume seller with participation from more carmakers but the Duster was lost in the shuffle lacking modernity and eventually put to sleep.

Fret not as according to a recent report that emerged on the internet, the French manufacturer is working on an all-new Duster for 2023-24 launch. The old Duster was based on the heavily localised and modular B0 architecture but the upcoming five-seater SUV will reportedly sit on a new platform basically built from scratch with nothing in common compared to the B0.

Dacia Bigster concept SUV 2
Dacia Bigster concept

More specifically, the architecture is derived from the CMF-B LS (Lower Spec) found in the international arena and is exclusively developed with emerging markets in mind. It could allow for a hybrid powertrain to be available in the new Duster. While it will carry the rugged styling the midsize SUV is known for, some modern design ethos will be incorporated as well.

Whether a 4WD system will be offered or not is up to discussion. It is said to have squared off fenders, integrated headlamps and grille section, etc and it may take inspiration from the Bigster. With Renault being the leading European car producer in terms of volume sales, the new Duster is believed to be actively considered for a launch.

If the all-new Renault Duster based on the CMF-B LS platform is sanctioned for India, it could open up a world of new possibilities with the alliance partner Nissan.