New Endeavour Nearly Outsells Fortuner Post Launch

ford endeavour facelift

Endeavour nearly outsells Fortuner as Ford Sold 2,926 units of Endeavour compared to Fortuner’s 3,024 units between April and August

Ford Endeavour gives the Toyota Fortuner tough competition in first five months of sales result in FY 2016-17. The Japanese SUV sold a total of 3,024 units in April to August sales chart, while the Ford Endeavour sold 2,926 units in the same period. Therefore, competition has been pretty tough for the Fortuner so far; as it only managed to sell 98 units more.

Brighter side for the Ford India is that, the American auto manufacturer has seen a steady rise in sales with the launch of the new facelift Endeavour earlier this year. The Fortuner has beaten the Ford Endeavour in first five months of the ongoing fiscal year. But Fortuner’s month to month sales have dropped, while Endeavour experienced steady month to month growth.


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In last five months Fortuner saw highest sales in June with 911 units, while in last three months Endeavour experienced consistent growth. From June to August Endeavour has sold 465, 698 and 702 units respectively. On the other hand, in these three months Toyota Fortuner’s sales figures were 911, 568 and 457 units respectively. It clearly showing, how Fortuner lost sales in last few months despite being ahead in total sales figure.

Fortuner Sales Endeavour Sales
April   509 560
May   579 501
June   911 465
July   568 698
August   457 702

The Toyota Fortuner has been one of the most popular and bestselling SUV in India for quite long time. While the tough competition is snatching away some sales figure from the Japanese automaker, the recent diesel ban also impacted on the sales. In Delhi NCR Toyota has a strong customer base. But due to the implementation of diesel ban for nearly 8 months Toyota lost some precious customers, which also attributed to the decreasing sales figure for the Fortuner.

ford endeavour facelift

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On the other hand, Ford Endeavour also comes with large diesel engine. The large American SUV also suffered due to the diesel ban in Delhi and NCR. But customers loved the all new Endeavour with its butch style and upmarket features.