MUV Segment Posts Highest Growth In Feb – Ertiga, Triber, Innova, XL6

Kia Carnival delivery

Models like Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Innova Crysta, Mahindra Bolero and others contributed massively to the volumes of the MUV segment

The MUV segment tallied the second highest volume in February 2020 following the ever popular compact hatchback space. It scored a total of 32,261 units as against 27,096 units during the same month last year with Year-on-Year growth of 19 per cent. It had the highest growth as well compared to all other segments in the mass market class.

This was mainly due to the consistent numbers generated by models like Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Innova Crysta. The Ertiga MPV topped the charts with a total of 11,782 units as against 7,975 units during the same month last year with YoY sales increase of 48 per cent while the Innova Crysta was positioned second.

The Japanese MPV secured 5,459 units of cumulative sales as against 6,634 units during the same period in 2019 with 18 per cent volume decline. The Bolero, on the other hand, headed the sales charts for the month of February 2020 with 4,067 units as against 7,974 units with negative 49 per cent growth.

maruti suzuki XL6 vs maruti suzuki ertiga rear

Model Feb 2020 Sales Feb 2019 Sales Growth YoY
1. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 11,782 7,975 48%
2. Toyota Innova Crysta 5,459 6,634 -18%
3. Mahindra Bolero 4,067 7,974 -49%
4. Renault Triber 3,955   –   –
5. Maruti Suzuki XL6 3,886   –   –

Besides the regular stalwarts, new entrants like Renault Triber and Maruti Suzuki XL6 are also making their mark. The Triber, in particular, did bring the French manufacturer back into contention. The modular vehicle was introduced in August 2019 and it reinvigorated the brand’s sales numbers by recording consistent volumes.

Last month, 3,955 units were sold as it finished ahead of Maruti Suzuki XL6. The latter posted 3,886 units in February 2020 and it arrived in the market to capitalise on the popularity of the Ertiga. The XL6 has a redesigned front fascia compared to the Ertiga and it boasts a middle row captain seating arrangement.

Segments Growth In Feb 2020
MUV 19%
Entry Hatch 4%
Compact Hatch 1%
Premium Hatch -4%
Compact Sedan -29%
Executive Sedan -49%
Premium Sedan 13%
Compact SUV 1%
Mid-Size SUV -14%
Premium SUV -32%
Vans -23%

renault triber drive shots-4

Other than these five models, Kia’s recently launched Carnival is also performing well is sales as it recorded 1,620 units last month. It is powered by 2.2-litre VGT diesel engine making 200 PS and 440 Nm and is offered in three variants. Mahindra’s Marazzo was another model that contributed in four-digit figures last month.