One Killed In A Horrific Accident By Speeding Bentley Bentayga Driver In India

bentley bentayga accident

The driver was caught by people and later identified to be the late liquor baron Ponty Chadha’s nephew Asees Singh Chadha

India is notorious for its road accidents and some statistics claim that there is a casualty in every four minutes. We have previously showed several accidents due to the negligence of drivers. A major accident could happen to anybody if they snub the traffic rules and unwantedly speed in restricted roads.

Obeying traffic rules is as much important to you as the people that is getting involved in the accident with you out of nowhere. As the resounding advocates of safe driving, here we have brought up another case where a negligence of one has resulted in unfortunate loss of a life and there’s an important takeaway from it.

It does not matter what kind of a motorcycle or car you drive as long as you do not stick by the traffic regulations, you are proned to have your or somebody else’s life at risk. Here is an over Rs. 4 crore Bentley Bentayga acting as an example, as the imbecile of a big shot driver hit a hapless auto rickshaw and put lives in danger.

bentley bentayga accident

The accident happened at Vinay Marg in Chanakyapuri and the Bentley driver was caught by people and found to be 19-year-old, Asees Singh Chadha, nephew of the late Ponty Chadha who was killed in 2012. The speeding Bentayga collided with an auto rickshaw and then hit a lamp post.

Of the three women from Turkmenistan and the auto driver who were taken to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, one was pronounced dead due to injuries sustained from the accident. Others are seriously injured. It’s quite sad to observe such unfortunate crashes simply due to the blockheads on roads.

The punishment for the convict should set example for people not to commit such a big crime and everyone should be treated equally under the law. Our heartfelt condolences to the life lost and people driving under the influence of alcohol should face severe consequences when caught which includes banning of license and imprisonment.