More Than 7,50,000 Electrified Vehicles Sold Globally in 2016

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Around 30% of total vehicle fleet across the world could be electrified by 2030; currently the number is more than 2 million

Fully electric or electrified vehicles like hybrid, plug-in hybrids are still in primary stage compared to the conventional fuel powered car sales across the world. But, numbers show that the sales of electrified vehicles are growing pretty fast. Last year, more than 7.50 lakh electrified vehicles were sold across the world.

Currently more than 2 million electrified vehicles are plying on roads across the world. Interestingly, the number shot up by one million in just one year, as in 2015 the number of registrations exceeded 1 million. This certainly shows how the demands and popularity are growing for such environment friendly vehicles. Inspired by this, several major auto manufacturers are working on hybrid, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles.

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China is currently the biggest market in the world in terms of number of electrified vehicles sales. Electrified vehicles occupy 1.5% of the entire Chinese auto market. Government of China’s aggressive push towards promoting eco-friendly powertrains have played major role behind the growing number of sales of such vehicles in the country.

In terms of market share of fully electric and electrified vehicles, Norway is on top of the list with 6.4% and Sweden is at the second spot with 3.4% market share. In France and UK too, 1.5% of market share attributes to the electrified vehicles. While these countries are seeing rapid increase in sales of such vehicles, the global picture is not that bright. However, around 30% of the total vehicles around the world are expected to be electrified by 2030.

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Speaking about Indian market, buyers still depend on the conventional fuels instead of fully electric or electrified vehicles. But, in last couple of years the numbers of sales for hybrid cars have increased a little bit. Automakers like Toyota, Mahindra, Honda currently sell hybrid models in the domestic market. With government of India’s ambitious plan to electrify the entire car fleet of the country by 2030, India is expected to play a major role in terms of electric and electrified vehicle sales in next decade.

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