Modified Vehicles Get The Deadline Of 31st January By The Kerala Police


Transport commissioner of the state has said strict actions will be taken on the modified vehicles in the state

Kerala’s Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has given the final ultimatum to the modified vehicle owners. The authority has said that 31st January is the last date to remove any modifications from the vehicles that could divert the attention of the other motorists on the road.

The transport commissioner of the state, K Padmakumar has said that many vehicles including the tourist vehicles have colourful pictures and lights on the outside of the vehicle that distracts other motorists. In several cases, accidents have happened in the past.  According to the transport department, such vehicles distract the road users and several petitions have been filed against them in the recent past.

After the Supreme Court of India passed the ruling earlier this month banning any kind of modifcation on the vehicles, Kerala High Court asked the authorities to take strict actions. After 31st January 2019, the state police troops and traffic police will start a crackdown on such modified vehicles.


The transport commissioner said that the owners of the modified vehicles will first get notice and then steps will be taken to cancel the fitness certificates of the vehicles as well as the driving licences of the drivers.

Many transport buses and mini-buses use flashing lights outside the vehicles. According to Section 184 of the MV Act, it is illegal and the driver can be imprisoned for the same for up to six months. There is also a fine of Rs. 1,000 for the first offence and Rs. 2,000 for the second offence.

The Kerala MVD has already taken steps to curb the menace of such buses in the past. Many of these buses were found with disco floors with flashing lights and loud music systems installed. Most of these buses are booked by students for long distance travel. As many as 650 buses were booked for violating the rules. It is not known if the private vehicles and SUVs will be fined for any kind of modification after the supreme court ruling.