Modified Maruti Swift With Full-Body Yellow Wrap Looks Hot

Maruti Swift full body wrap front three quarter

Check out this beautiful-looking customised Maruti Swift with full-body wrap, custom wheels, and a blacked-out spoiler

Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular vehicles in the Indian car market. Not only is it extremely affordable and fuel-efficient, but it also offers decent performance and great handling characteristics, which attracts the average Indian buyers and enthusiasts alike. With such popularity, it isn’t surprising to see plenty of examples of modified Maruti Swift on the roads.

Here, we have a customised Maruti Swift with a full-body wrap in sporty yellow colour. The video has been uploaded on YouTube channel by the name of ‘Rahul Singh’. The customisation has been performed by Wrapaholix, a car customisation garage in New Delhi. The video begins with a brief showcase of the wrap being used. It a three-layer Avery Dennison wrap in bright yellow colour. A very lively choice indeed!

We see the entire wrapping process being performed on the video, along with brief explanations of what is happening and why. The wrapping starts from the bonnet of the car. The roof is next on the list, followed by the tail section. The side portion of the roof is body-coloured which the middle portion is blacked-out.

The doors are done later, because those require a higher level of care. The door panels and insulation had to be removed on the inside to allow for the door handles to be removed, after which the side of the car is also wrapped. The car also sports a custom roof-mounted spoiler, which has been painted black.

The ‘Suzuki’ logo is also painted black, both at the front and the rear, which contrasts well with the yellow colour on the rest of the car. The C-pillars also features carbon fibre wrap, along with the wing mirrors. The alloy wheels are also custom 10-spoke units with gloss black finish. The headlights have aftermarket LED DRLs, and there is a custom exhaust tip on it as well.

Maruti Swift full body wrap rear three quarter

The current iteration of the Maruti Swift (third-generation model) is powered by a 1.2-litre, naturally aspirated, inline-4 engine. This powerplant can generate a maximum power of 83 PS and a peak torque of 113 Nm. Maruti is expected to launch a facelift version of the Swift soon, which will get the same ‘Dualjet’ engine as the 2020 Maruti Dzire, which can produce a higher power output of 90 PS.