Mitsubishi Hyaku Concept Envisions Futuristic Autonomous Luxury Coupe


Mitsubishi Hyaku concept follows Shibui design language; gets minimal creases enhancing aerodynamic efficiency

Japanese auto major Mitsubishi is looking for a strong comeback with the help of Nissan and now the former brand is gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. To mark that occasion automotive designer Gabor Farkas has designed a sleek and unique concept with futuristic approach. The new Mitsubishi concept is christened as Hyaku and it envisions an autonomous and electric powered coupe car.

The Mitsubishi Hyaku coupe concept appears with typical EV characteristics. It doesn’t get a conventional front grille. Instead the nose section is covered and there are sleek LED strips at the front profile giving it a very unique look. Despite not having a front grille, this concept’s LED strips mark a Mitsubishi signature grille appearance. Apart from that, headlamps are nothing but a compact LED cluster.

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The Hyaku in Japanese means 100 and this concept incorporates Shibui design language, as Gabor Farkas says. It gets minimalistic creases giving the coupe concept’s side profile a very flowing and plain look. It is also expected to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. The flared fenders, large alloy wheels, nicely curved roofline, pillar less glass area with chrome detailing around it increase the visual appeal.

The rear profile sports unique S shaped taillights and chrome trims at the bumper. Interior of the concept has a sporty flat-bottom steering wheel, a unique colour theme giving the cabin a sporty touch and there is a large vertically positioned touchscreen console that works as infotainment and control panel as well.


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As the designer claims, the Hyaku coupe concept is powered by a compact but efficient electric powertrain and the car has ample luggage space under the bonnet. The design also shows the futuristic car with a truly long hood, long wheelbase and with a classic grand tourer like silhouette. In designer’s word it has been inspired by a high-speed Shinkansen train, or what we know as the bullet train.

The Hyaku concept’s performance is also claimed to be similar to the Shinkasen train. Interestingly, a bullet train can run at a speed of around 320 kmph. It would be very interesting to see if Renault-Nissan alliance thinks about the concept seriously. Given the alliance’s expertise of making EVs, it would be a practical and interesting project indeed.

Mitsubishi Hyaku Concept

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