Mitsubishi eX Concept – World Premiere at 2015 Tokyo Auto Show

MITSUBISHI eX Concept front view

Next-generation compact SUV Mitsubishi eX Concept premiered at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show

Tokyo Motor Show witnessed the vision for a compact SUV which is powered by a next- generation EV system from Mitsubishi, which will be called as the eX Concept. The design expresses the appearance of a sports crossover with a mixture of elegance and stylishness of a “shooting brake” aligning with SUV body structure.

Predominantly, the design is worked around MMC Design, which expresses a new interpretation of MMC’s Dynamic Shield front design concept, both on the exterior and interior Mitsubishi has made sure the MMC Design language is evident.


The next-generation EV system provides a cruising range of 400 km by employing a high-capacity and high-performance battery together with compact high-output electric motors making it lighter and more efficient, the vehicle in itself has reduced a lot of weight which adds to the increased battery performance.MITSUBISHI eX Concept rear

Mitsubishi claims the eX Concept to be a next-generation SUV a step ahead of EVs to date. The drive battery is installed beneath the body which has lowered the center of gravity, together with its Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control systems provides enhanced handling control which reflects driver inputs. This has improved the vehicle stability as well.

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MITSUBISHI eX Concept interior

Added features consist of the application of automated driving technology which syndicates connected car technology, utilizing next-generation information systems, and advanced active safety technology. When the car senses danger it quickly and precisely alerts its safety features to control the car by itself or arouse the safety sensors.

MITSUBISHI eX Concept headlightAnother feature is, the car is equipped with functions which detect malfunctions or abnormalities early and advises the driver to take the vehicle in for repair or servicing.

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