Mitsubishi Evaluating Return of Lancer Evolution Moniker


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution could make a comeback within the next six years; return to motorsport and a ‘halo product’ are considered

Mitsubishi is synonymous with the Lancer Evolution name courtesy of its well-renowned success in the global motorsport scene in the past with plenty of championship winning moments. But it was recently de-commissioned and the return was left to anybody’s speculation. It appears that the Japanese automaker could be bringing back the Evo eventually but we would have to wait another six years reportedly.

Nissan completed its acquisition of a $2.3 billion stake in Mitsubishi in 2016, making way for Carlos Ghosn to take over as chairman of a scandal-plagued partner and ride on his mission to turn around a third major auto brand. He is expected to pour in resources for a sustained future with technical collaborations rumoured to be on the cards very soon.

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Mitsubishi Grand Lancer
The global boss of the company, Trevor Mann, has said in a recent interview to media that a new performance flagship vehicle is one of the main assessments for growth and the Lancer Evolution could be that very own product. The concept of a futuristic performance sedan is not going to depend on any another model but the breakthrough could come in the form of an Evolution SUV.

Clarifying mid-term as three years and long term as six years, the timeline seems to be set for a comeback according to Trevor Mann. Mitsubishi built its legacy in the bygone years through motorsports and due to financial slowdown it withdrew from World Rally Championship more than a decade ago. Despite Volkswagen quitting as a result of the diesel gate scandal, manufacturers involvement in the sport has been on the rise.

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Mitsubishi could capitalise on the favourable situation and stake its claim against Asian rivals Toyota and Hyundai. A ‘halo’ product replacing the Pajero Sport as the flagship model is likely being evaluated as well.
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