Ministry of External Affairs Orders 55 Mercedes Benz E-Class 250 CDI

2016 Mercedes E Class Updated

Top of the line 55 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 250 CDI will be used for Prime Minister, Presidents, visiting foreign dignitaries and Top Diplomats of Country

Mercedes-Benz launching products almost every single month has caught the attention of the entire nation and the people who head the nation. That’s what it seems like today as the news, which comes today defines the same.

Ministry of External Affairs Orders 55 Mercedes Benz E-Class 250 CDI.The E-Class is always the real bread and butter model for the company despite the fact that the C-Class is entry-level model into the real saloon territory worldwide.

2016 Mercedes E Class Garmin

In India too, the E-CLass has done very well. It has been the highest selling mid-size saloon. E-Class numbers sold till date is a massive 30,000 units. These numbers are bound to come because the segment leading E-Class is the first luxury car to be produced in India since 1995, and localization helps the manufacturer price the car aggressively as the value quotient is bigger for all Indians out there, when buying a car.

The ministry has bought the cars on lease, which is the top-end E 250 CDI. The cars will be used for visiting foreign dignitaries comprising Head of States, Presidents and top diplomats. All of this will be starting with the upcoming India Africa Forum Summit (IAFS).

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Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 Launched in India-13E-Class in India recently reached new heights when it comes to localization and the new E-Class is already segment benchmark with S-Class inspired interiors and exteriors. The engine is one of the most silent in the business and Mercedes’s sales and service is very strong as well. E-Class also get a minor update with a new navigation system and other kit of features to make the experience the most tech laden and obviously more luxurious than before.