Mini Vision Next 100 Concept Revealed

Mini Vision Next 100 concept

Mini Vision Next 100 reflects a new design language that is vastly different from what today Mini showcases

Mini pulled covers off the new concept car which is here to celebrate BMW Group’s 100th anniversary. It is named the Vision Next 100 and reflects a new design language that is vastly different from what today Mini showcases. This Mini Vision Next 100 design brings in other advancements that include reducing interior clutter.

The new design does away with instruments from the interiors and projects the information on the windshield instead. With this, the Vision Next 100 expands customisation for more than one user thereby encouraging car-sharing. The BMW Mini is testing car sharing in London using the DriveNow program while its ReachNow program in Seattle offers an exclusive Zipcar style exchange for select drivers.

The challenge however for both the programs is the same i.e. creating a vehicle that appeals to all drivers while making them feel like it is customised for everyone as well. The translucent look of the Vision Next 100 is an unmodified neutral mode where when one borrower or different driver uses the vehicle, they can change the car’s exteriors as per their personal choice.

This is similar to what BMW showcased in its Next Vision 100 Line during the New York Auto Show. The BMW version had the technology where external sensors ID drivers and make the changes as and when they approach the vehicle. This sensing could be extended to note the environment and change the vehicle’s suspension according to the roads.

There is a revelation that the future Mini will be fully electric but there is no mention about the engine, etc. There will be an Inspire Me button which will select information that interests the driver. For instance, it could recommend a route that’s challenging to drive on or it could suggest switching on the John Cooper Works performance mode etc.” Quite interesting, we must say!

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