Mini Planning Two New SUVs And A Compact Luxury Model

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Mini is planning to launch a slew of electric vehicles while acknowledging the importance of IC engines; to produce EVs in China from 2023

Mini has revealed plans for the betterment of its future as its product range will comprise of a slew of new models in the coming years pertaining to different customers’ tastes. The British manufacturer is working on widening its footprint in the realms of electrified mobility and it will also Be focussing on expanding its reach in the Chinese market.

Almost every global automaker has setup alliances or local production facilities in China as the consumer interest is rather unique. This is why we see a number of country specific products that won’t be launched anywhere else. Moreover, the Chinese want a spacious rear out of other expectations, including greener emissions, as their country is the largest consumer of electric vehicles in the world.

To further consolidate its product lineup, Mini will be introducing crossovers concentrating on the premium compact segments. Mini has said that it will be pushing hard to have a core portfolio of all-electric vehicles and it includes two new crossovers and a three-door hatchback. The company’s resurgence over the years since its revival two decades ago has been well documented.

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It will be aiming to boost its sales volumes with an array of zero-emission vehicles. Mini has rather been realistic about its future instead of setting humongous targets and it will continue to offer petrol and diesel powered cars that will act as an “ideal solution for target groups and regions whose mobility needs are not yet met by all-electric vehicles”.

Amongst the two crossovers, the bigger model will carry an electric drivetrain and the next generation Countryman will be sold with IC-engined variants as well as eco-friendly powertrains. While Mini expressed its intentions to enter a new vehicle in the premium compact segment, it has not revealed any specific details and we hope to know more about it in the future.

It will be relatively large to meet the increased demands of many customers in terms of space and versatility. In fact, Mini has stated that the upcoming models will carry Mini’s typical philosophy of having a roomy cabin. In China, the EVs will be manufactured from 2023 based on a brand new platform in association with Great Wall Motor.