Michelin City Pro Scooter and Motorcycle Tyres Launched In India

Michelin City Pro 90x100 scooter

Michelin City Pro scooter and motorcycle tyres are specifically made for Indian urban conditions to provide value and more options for consumers

Michelin, one of the leading tyre manufacturing company, is now seems dedicated offer all it can when it comes to catering the Indian automotive industry. Known in the past for one of the four-wheeler tyres, it continues its venture in all segments of two wheelers now. After launching mid-segment bike tyres, superbike tyres, it has come with the new scooter range of tyres for almost all scooters available in the market today. The market is huge, with over 30% plus vehicles on the roads today are automatic scooters.

Michelin City Pro are the latest generation of Michelin scooter that are made specifically for India conditions. This range also includes motorcycle tyres too. Michelin City Pro especially designed for people who have high urban use, which as we know is highly subjected to the most demanding of impacts and stresses that engines, chassis and wheels can take.

Michelin City Pro Tyres motorcycles

Michelin City Pro uses a combination of its own Overlap Technology (MOT) along with three reinforced plies and a layer of rubber beneath the tread makes one brand new, Michelin City Pro tyre best suited for our usage. All of this ends up reducing the risk of punctures. Michelin City Pro new technique, material and also the new tread pattern with large circumferential grooves delivers improved wet grip.

Michelin City Pro Tyres

Michelin City Pro are available nationally at Michelin premium dealerships which are called as TYREPLUS networks and Michelin retailers. The chart above shows the number of motorcycles and scooters and sizes available from Michelin that are direct fit. Scooters from all manufacturer will benefit from these tyres as the company has made all the sizes which. TVS is missing from the list since the manufacturer uses 12-inch wheels, while rest use 10-inch wheels. Front tyre for all 100-150cc motorcycle from all manufacturer are also in this list. Rear tyres are already available for these motorcycles from the brand.

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