MG Hector Understands These 90+ Voice Commands – Details

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Upcoming MG Hector will get an exhaustive list of Voice commands including operating sunroof, AC, radio and more

MG Motor, the iconic 90 year British brand is all set to start their India innings with the India-made Hector premium SUV, that the company is pitching as the country’s first Internet Car. As fancy as it may sound, the Internet Car essentially means a connected car that gets an embedded eSIM to give remote commands to the vehicle.

Apart from the connectivity features, the MG Hector also gets a host of other convenience and safety features, making the Hector a feature rich car. However, it is the exhaustive list of Voice Commands that the company says is one of the highlights of the Hector. Here’s a list of all the commands you can give the Hector via the voice-

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1) Play radio
2) AM/tune to AM/play AM/AM radio
3) FM/tune to FM/play FM/FM radio
4) Play radio/play frequency XX FM/AM
5) Tune to frequency/tune to XX FM/AM
6) Set frequency to XX FM/AM
7) Play favourite radio station
8) Save this station as a favourite
9) Remove this station
10) Pause radio
11) Next station
12) Previous station
13) Screen brighter
14) Make screen the brightest
15) Top brightness
16) The maximum level of brightness
17) Screen darker
18) Make screen the darkest
19) Volume up
20) Volume down

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21) Volume maximum
22) Volume minimum
23) Mute
24) Unmute
25) Open the sunroof
26) I want to see the sky
27) Close the sunroof
28) Open the window on the drive side
29) Open the window on the passenger side
30) Close the window on the drive side
31) Close the window on the passenger side
32) Auto AC on
33) Auto AC off
34) Warmer\temperature up \hotter
35) Cooler\temperature down\colder
36) Highest temperature
37) Lowest temperature
38) Raise the temperature by 2 degrees
39) Lower temperature by 2 degrees
40) Set temperature to 22 degrees (Temperature range: 13 – 33 Degree)

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41) Increase fan speed or the fan speed is too low
42) Decrease fan speed or the fan speed is too high
43) Highest fan speed
44) Lowest fan speed
45) Open setting
46) Help
47) Pause music
48) Resume music
49) Next song
50) Previous song
51) Save this song to favourite
52) Remove this song from favourite
53) Zoom in the map
54) Zoom out the map
55) Switch to navigation
56) Find gas station/petrol pump
57) Find hospital
58) Find restaurant
59) Find poi
60) Set home address

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61) Set Office address
62) Find restaurant along the route
63) Go home
64) Go to office
65) Zoom in the map to maximum
66) Reset map zoom level
67) Where am I
68) Cancel route
69) Open map
70) Switch to fastest route
71) Switch to shortest route
72) Switch to economical route
73) Switch to avoiding tollway route
74) Call/dial/phone/ telephone/ make a call
75) Call by name
76) Contact- name
77) Call back
78) Redial
79) Dial by number/call a number
80) 10086(phone number)
81) Dial 10086(phone number)
82) Previous song
83) Next song
84) Play music
85) Play radio
86) Stop music
87) Pause music
88) Volume up
89) Volume down
90) Zoom in map
91) Zoom out map
92) Start the navigation
93) Stop the navigation
94) Turn off AC
95) Turn on AC
96) Make a call

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As for the mechanicals, the MG Hector is powered by three engine options, a 1.5-litre petrol engine producing 143 PS and 250 Nm of torque. There’s also a 1.5-litre petrol hybrid with 48V system with the same output. Lastly, there’s a 2.0-litre diesel engine with 170 PS and 350 Nm output. All the engines will get a 6-speed manual gearbox and a DCT gearbox for petrol.

The MG Hector will compete against the Jeep Compass and Tata Harrier in India and is expected to be priced between Rs 15-18 Lakh. MG has already established 100+ dealerships for the Hector that will be launched in a few days time from now.