MG Cyberster Concept Is A Two-Door Roadster Eyeing The Future

MG Cyberster Concept 4

MG Cyberster Concept will be unveiled on March 31 and it looks like a more evolved and futuristic version of the E-Motion

MG Motor has revealed official images of the Cyberster concept ahead of its global debut on March 31 and it has come as a surprise. It digs down deep into the history of the Chinese-owned British brand as a two-door roadster can be envisaged from the teaser images. Some of the key features of the MG Cyberster concept could be seen clearly in the rather wild set of teasers.

They are futuristic highlights such as illuminated badging, long bonnet structure and raked rear section. It is safe to say that the Cyberster concept does not resemble anything the company has produced in recent memory, as it has turned into a family-based SUV and crossover manufacturer with a prominent reach across the globe, and it has recently been introducing many electrified models.

The teaser images point the finger at a speedster with from-the-future dual buttresses and a highly noticeable front splitter for aerodynamic benefits. Currently, no information is available on whether it will spawn a production model in the future or not but it is always good to see brands coming up with radical concepts every now and then!

MG Cyberster Concept 3

The two-door roadster/speedster could give a preview of the next-generation electric vehicle technologies or the self-driving capabilities that have been the talk of the town lately. It is equipped with 5G connectivity and Level 3 autonomous driving functions but the underpinnings and electric powertrain details are yet to be undisclosed.

The MG Cyberster concept does give strong vibes of the E-Motion unveiled at the 17th annual Shanghai International Automotive Show and it looks like a more evolved and futuristic version. The E-Motion featured a pure-electric modular architecture platform developed in-house and it was claimed to do zero to 100 kmph in less than four seconds while having a range of more than 500 km.

MG Cyberster Concept 1

With just over a week from its world premiere, it will be interesting to see what the MG Cyberster concept holds and whether it will be relevant to the future of the brand in any ways possible!