Mercedes Allegedly Sold 1 Million Diesel Cars with Excess Emissions

Mercedes Million Diesel Cars with Excess Emissions

The German automaker’s OM651 and OM642 diesel engines are being investigated to see if there was an emission cheating software like Volkswagen Dieselgate

It seems, emission related scandals and troubles are not leaving the automobile industry. After Volkswagen, FCA and Renault, now it’s the luxury car giant Mercedes-Benz. The German auto manufacturer has allegedly sold more than 1 million diesel powered vehicles with excess emissions. The vehicles were sold in European markets and in America as well.

The particular engines in question include the four-cylinder OM651 and 3.0-litre V6 OM642. The alleged vehicles have been sold between 2008 and 2016. A court based in Stuttgart has issued a search warrant to check if the particular engines were equipped with an emission cheating software like the Volkswagen Dieselgate.

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After the Dieselgate came under scanner, Volkswagen has been forced to pay a hefty amount of fine in US. The German auto giant is facing multiple lawsuits across several countries and in US it is compensating the affected customers alongside offering a buyback scheme as well. In European markets too, the automaker has been fined by several authorities in various countries. Now, it is to be seen, what happens to Mercedes-Benz if the brand is found out to be cheating the emission tests.

If the outcome of the investigation goes against the luxury car brand, it can be said that Mercedes could face similar troubles like Volkswagen. Also, its brand image could be affected as well. However, before the investigation concludes, these would be speculations only. Currently, the luxury auto manufacturer has assured to fully cooperate with the investigation.

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Interestingly, in March this year Renault was accused of cheating emission tests for last 25 years. The company was allegedly using a cheating software like Volkswagen to falsify the NOx output during lab tests. The FCA too is facing civil lawsuit in US for allegedly cheating emission tests with its cars that emits much more than permitted level.