Mercedes EQ Brand Launched with SUV Concept in Paris Motor Show


Mercedes Generation EQ electric crossover concept can run up to 502 kilometers with single charge

Mercedes-Benz is preparing for an electric offensive, and the company indicates that by unveiling Generation EQ electric crossover concept at Paris Motor Show. Interestingly, this car shows, what the German luxury brand is about to offer in near future. Also, with this concept the company introduces the EQ brand, which will deal in electric cars only, just like BMW unravelled ‘i’ sub-brand.

Despite the Generation EQ being a concept model, Mercedes-Benz says, it is a close-to-production model, which means the road-going version won’t come much different than this. The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ features plenty of LED elements all around its body. The front fascia sports headlamps consisting LED clusters, while the sleek blue lines emphasizes on the electric powertrain. It doesn’t show a conventional grille, instead a range of horizontal blue LED stripes are there. Expect this to get a little bit of change in the production-spec model.


The side profile pf the car also boasts LED stripes. Apart from that, the glass area gets a chrome trim around while a panoramic sunroof is also visible. The car doesn’t sport any wing mirrors, as instead of mirror it feature cameras, and it doesn’t have any door handles as well. Move to rear of the car, you get a sleek glossy black part running through width of the car. It also houses width long LED lights, while there is a roof spoiler as well.

Talk about the interior, the Mercedes-Benz generation EQ Concept delivers a futuristic appearance. There is no conventional knobs or buttons, instead it sports touch based controls. The three-spoke steering wheel features touch based controls, while the 24-inch floating wide OLED screen display works as the instrument cluster and infotainment system at the same time.


The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ concept has been designed to respond to driver’s mood and preferences. As the driver approaches the car, it automatically activates its system and the interior gets lightened up. With the driver taking seat, the touch-based switches are lightened up in electric blue, and the LED stripes on doors and seats start dimming.

The Generation EQ concept car takes power from dual electric motors combined with 70-kWh battery pack. These two electric motors are capable to kick out 402 hp of peak power and 700 Nm of peak torque. The car can accelerate to 100 kmph from standstill in merely 5-seconds. Also, the German automaker claims, this car can run up to 502 kilometers with a single fully charged battery.


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